Clinics We Offer


Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine

It is our policy to pursue preventative medicine for all patients. All our healthcare professionals are able to advise on illness and disease prevention.

Disease Management Clinics

Our Practice Nurses run a variety of special clinics for asthma, diabetes and heart disease and patients with these conditions are invited to attend at regular intervals for a health review.

Diabetes Dietician Leaflet for Patients

National Diabetes Prevention Programme Poster

Understanding Pre-Diabetes Leaflet

Cervical Smear Test

It is recommended that all women aged 25-49 years have a smear every three years and women 50-65 years have a smear every five years, unless they have had a hysterectomy. Patients will be invited by letter when a smear test is due.

family planning


The Poole Hospital NHS Trust mobile Breast Screening Unit visits our area at regular intervals and mammograms are offered to women aged 50 to 65 years.

Contraceptive Services

Contraceptive advice is offered by all the Doctors and Practice Nurses during routine surgeries.

If you are due to order a repeat oral contraceptive please complete and return the oral contraceptive repeat form below.

Oral Contraceptive Repeat Form


All our Doctors are on the Obstetric List and are happy to share in your antenatal care in conjunction with our midwives and the specialist facilities at Poole Hospital. Appointments for antenatal care can be made with the midwife or doctor.  If you are more than six weeks pregnant you can now book your maternity care directly with Poole Hospital's maternity services by filling in a self referral form.


Child Health Surveillance and Baby Clinic

6 week baby checks are carried out by the doctors. Additionally, the Health Visitors arrange regular paediatric checks and run baby and under ones clinics. Appointments will be sent to parents for scheduled checks.

Child Immunisations

Children's vaccinations are carried out by the Practice Nurse. Immunisation is essential for protection against potentially debilitating, or even fatal, diseases. You will be sent a reminder card in accordance with the immunisation schedule. If you have any worries or concerns about your child receiving vaccinations, our Doctors and Health Visitors are available for advice.

Pneumococcal Immunisation

In most cases, this is a once only vaccination recommended for older patients and certain at-risk groups. We are participating in the Department of Health's immunisation programme and patients who fall into these categories will be invited to receive the vaccine.


Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

The Practice has BP machines available to borrow for patients whose blood pressure requires short term or regular monitoring and are unable to access their own. Patients are referred to this service by their doctor and will receive a letter inviting them to arrange to borrow one of the surgery BP machines. The readings can be recorded on our home monitoring form and returned to the Practice with the monitor.


Walford Mill Pharmacy

We are fortunate to have an independent pharmacy adjoined to the Surgery. The Pharmacist is able to offer advice to patients and liaises closely with the doctors.