Practice Charter

Providing patient centred care in a timely & equitable way

The primary task of the Practice is to offer a modern healthcare service without prejudice of any ethnicity or diversity in a fair and safe manner whilst maintaining a pleasant and approachable atmosphere.

In order to achieve this we will:

  • Provide care in accordance with NHS Dorset ICB and NHS England.
  • Provide appropriate training for all staff.
  • Develop systems that enable us to monitor the quality of service delivered.
  • Identify and improve systems to safely meet patients needs and provide the best care.
  • Communicate with our patients and other colleagues.

 This charter has been published to inform patients of their rights and standard of care they can expect to receive.


A standard is a level of service that you can expect from us other than in exceptional circumstances.

Standards we aim to achieve

 Your responsibilities: How you can help us deliver these standards


Those involved in your care will give you their names and inform you how to contact them.


Please help us by informing of any changes to your name, address or telephone number.


We aim for you not to wait longer than 20 minutes in the waiting room with the exception of times when our doctors or nurses are dealing with a patient who has an urgent medical need.


Please help us by arriving on time for your appointment and informing us if you are unable to keep your appointment. Please understand that our doctors and nurses will only be running late if a patient has an urgent medical need.


In order to achieve continuity of care we operate a pre-booked appointment system.  We will make every effort to ensure you are seen in a timely manner according to your condition and where possible with your usual GP.


Help us by booking well in advance and arranging follow up appointments as soon as possible after seeing your doctor.  Where possible please book your follow up appointment before leaving the surgery.


If you need urgent access to medical care and advice during our opening hours we will ensure you have contact with a doctor on the same day.


When requesting urgent access to a doctor please give us as much information as possible to help us prioritise your need.


We will try to answer your call promptly and ensure we have sufficient staff available to do this.


Please keep your call as brief as possible and avoid telephoning at peak times unless this is absolutely necessary.


If you have undergone tests or x-rays ordered by the practice we will inform you of the result either at your next appointment or by contacting you if any action is needed.


If you need to see the doctor about your result please book your appointment when you have your tests.  If your test or investigation was undertaken by the hospital please contact them for the result as it will not be available at the Practice.


You will be treated as an individual and as a partner in your own health care irrespective of disability, ethnicity, religious or cultural beliefs or age and sexual preference.


We ask that you treat all staff at the practice with the same respect. We also ask that you respect the privacy of family and friends by understanding that we are unable to disclose their information to you without written consent.


The Practice will offer you advice and information on steps you can take to promote good health and avoid illness. We will advise on self-help that can be undertaken without reference to a doctor in the case of minor ailments.


Remember that you are responsible for your own health and the health of your children.  We will give you our professional help and advice.  Please act upon it.


You have the right to view your health records subject to any limitations in the law.  These will be kept confidential at all times in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.


Please contact the Practice if you wish to view your records and allow us time to prepare them. 



We will provide you with information about how to make suggestions or complaints about the care we offer. We will always welcome comments and concerns, respond in a timely manner, and use any investigation outcome as a learning experience to improve our service.


Please act in accordance with out complaints policy leaflet if you wish to complain or make a suggestion.  Where possible put your complaint or suggestion in writing.