Tracker Service

A helping hand to support patients at home

What is the Tracker Service?

There are many local services available to patients to support them with their ongoing medical, social and psychological needs.

We recognise that many people may not know what support there is available to them and how a little help may go a long way to help them gain a better quality of life. 

Our aim of our Tracker Service is to ensure patients who may benefit from this service are followed up and their needs properly assessed.


How we can help

Our Tracker Service will seek to provide information and, wherever possible, suggest services which may help ensure the patient is receiving the appropriate level of supportive care according to their individual circumstances. 

The role of the Tracker Service is then to contact providers of local services and coordinate and put in place the necessary support.  This will only be done with the patient’s full knowledge and agreement.

Some examples of patients who may benefit most from this service are:

  • Living alone with little or no support
  • Caring for someone else
  • Going into or coming out of hospital
  • In need of help to assist daily living
  • In need of financial advice
  • Not coping
  • Isolated and lonely
  • Vulnerable to falls
  • Vulnerable to sudden deterioration in health and admission to hospital

Would you or someone you know benefit from this service?

The Tracker Service Team

Our Nurse, Stephanie Strudwick, is the main point of contact for our Tracker Service.  She is supported by Nurse Gina Hartley and Nursing Assistant Shirley Bagg.  Stephanie will also liaise closely with our Practice Nurses, Doctors and District Nurses.